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Here at Rennie Tools, we stock all manner of drill pieces to suit every DIY project. Drilling refers to the cutting process of solid materials using rotations to create a hole for a cross-section. This is a vital part of any construction project, as without drilling a hole, you risk splitting and damaging the material you’re working with. As a result, we supply only the best quality drilling tools suited to novices and experts alike. Be sure to browse our range of drilling products in order to find the item you need to get your project underway. 

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Masonry Drill Bits 

Masonry refers to stonework, meaning that our concrete and brick drill bits are placed under this category. Correctly using a masonry drill bit reduces the likelihood of cracking a chip, which in turn prevents excessive noise. In order to cut through such tough materials, masonry drill bits are made using an arrowhead tip. Typically, they will be made from Tungsten Carbide as this promises strength and resilience to complete all projects. 

Metal Drill Bits

As the name suggests, metal drill bits are designed with the purpose of cutting into metal. Typically, they will be HSS Cobalt or HSS coated with titanium nitride or a similar substance as this prevents wear and damage. Working with metal can hinder the shape and condition of your bit, so this layer is imperative to the performance and durability of the bit. Metal drill bits tend to be amongst the easiest to clean, and cleaning is vital to your bit’s functionality. 

Wood Drill Bits

Quite simply, wood drill bits are crafted to cut into wood. Since wood is prone to splitting, wood drill bits allow you to cut through wood with minimal force. With this in mind, we supply the sharpest of wood drill bits to minimise the risk of damage being incurred. 

Cobalt Drill Bits

Cobalt drill bits can be used on all manner of materials and are resistant to heat that is generated from rapid operations. The front section of these bits removes any debris as you cut the material, allowing for the smoothest of finishes.

TCT Drill Bits

TCT drill bits are designed to be used on various materials such as masonry, tiles, stone, concrete etc. They’re ground specifically for these materials so that they can easily penetrate and leave a clean hole. Additionally, these bits require less maintenance than other drill bits, making them easy to care for. 

Solid Carbide Drill Bits

These are ideal for hard metals and materials that cobalt drills will not penetrate. They should ideally be used on a pillar drill and have a constant feed rate. They can be used by hand but are easy to snap due to carbide being very strong but brittle

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