Solid Carbide Roughing Endmills

The purpose of a roughing endmill is to remove large amounts of material at a fast pace. This is achieved via a wavy tooth form cut on the periphery, which allows for successive cutting edges that produce small chips. As a result, a somewhat rough surface finish is achieved. Despite this, vibration and chatter are heavily reduced since multiple teeth are in contact with the surface at one time. This process is occasionally called hogging while roughing endmills are sometimes referred to as ripping cutters. 

At Rennie Tool Company, we have two solid carbide endmills to choose between, each being best suited to different applications. Discover more about our products below. 

Solid Carbide Three-Flute Roughing Endmills for Aluminium

As the product name suggests, this product is best used with aluminium; however, it can also be used to rough out plastics. 

Solid Carbide Four-Flute Roughing TiAlN-Coated Endmills

The TiAlN coating of this product means it can be used on materials up to 55HRC, including mould steel, nonferrous copper, alloy steel, carbon steel, cast iron, and steel. 

Solid Carbide Roughing Endmill Sizing

Each of our solid carbide roughing endmills is available in multiple sizes, with variation in the cutting diameter, shank diameter, flute length, and overall length. For instance:

When selecting a cutting diameter of 4mm, you’ll be presented with a shank diameter of 4mm, a flute length of 10mm, and an overall length of 50mm.

A cutting diameter of 6mm provides you with a shank diameter of 6mm, a flute length of 15mm, and an overall length of 50mm.

With a cutting diameter of 8mm, the shank diameter will be 8mm, the flute length 19mm, and the overall length 60mm.

For a cutting diameter of 10mm, there will be a shank diameter of 10mm, a flute length of 25mm, and an overall length of 75mm.

If a 12mm cutting diameter is selected, the shank diameter will be 12mm, the flute length 30mm, and the overall length 75mm.

Lastly, a cutting diameter of 16mm will provide you with a shank diameter of 16mm, a flute length of 40mm, and an overall length of 100mm.

Solid Carbide Roughing Endmill Pricing

Our solid carbide roughing endmills start from £10.16, including VAT (£8.47 excluding VAT) each. Therefore, we’re able to provide affordable solutions without compromising on quality. In fact, our products are crafted from robust and durable materials, allowing for repeat use with zero stress.