TCT Tipped Dowel Drill

Rennie Tool Company has a wide range of TCT tipped dowel drill bits, compatible for use in a wide range of different applications and for diverse materials.

The drill bits are specifically used to produce accurate burr-free holes, and being Tungsten Carbide Tipped, they have the quality and robustness for accuracy over a long period of time without compromising the integrity of the drill bit itself. 

The Rennie Tool Company TCT tipped dowel drill bits include:

- 10mm Shank – Brad Point Drill (right hand and left hand)

- 10mm Shank – Spear Point for Through Holes (right hand and left hand)

Brad Point Drill

These TCT carbide-tipped dowel drill bits are supplied for either right-handed or left landed rotations and have a brad point (spar) to keep the drill central and to prevent wandering of the bit in the surface of the material. They are ideal for use on solid wood, composites, plastic, and laminated materials.

The lip acts like a chisel, slicing through the wood fibre in the circumference of the hole which is being drilled—the result of a good, clean finish, free of burrs.

With a 10mm shank, it is sold in sizes from 3mm x 27mm flute x 57mm long up to 35mm x 44mm flute x 70mm long.

Spear Point for Through Holes

These TCT carbide tipped dowel drill bits are supplied for either right-hand or left-hand rotations and are perfect for use in CNC machines and drilling machines working with solid wood, composites, plastic, laminated materials, MDF and plywood.

With a 10mm shank, the spear point drill bits are sold in sizes from 3mm x 27mm flute x 57mm long up to 25mm x 41 mm flute x 70mm long. 


- Never change your TCT tipped dowel drill bits when the power cord is still connected to the power supply or without the safety cut-off on your CNC machine has been deployed. 

- Remove any wood dust that may be clogging the drill bit and start every job with a clean drill bit.

- Make sure you choose the right drill bit for the job – if, in any doubt, Rennie Tool Company can help you calculate the size that you require.

- Always wear protective goggles. Drilling creates tiny particles that can fly into your eyes and damage your sight.