Oscillating / Multi Tool Blades

Here at Rennie Tool Company, we supply some of the best oscillating multi-tool blades suited for use with the top multi-tool cutters brands, designed for a multitude of materials. From masonry blade multi-tools to multi-tool blades for wood, you’re sure to find the right blade for your multi-tool in our product range. 

From £2.11 to £9.53, excluding VAT, we provide good-value multi-tool blades, but this doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality. Our oscillating multi-tool bits are sturdy and durable, making them ideal for all applications. For oscillating multi-tool blades for multi-purpose tools, look no further than Rennie Tool Company. From metal multi-tool blades to multi-tool concrete blades, we’ve got you covered, so discover our range of products and the brands they’re compatible with below.


As a worldwide manufacturer of hand and power tools in the woodworking, manufacturing, and construction industry, we had to ensure that our oscillating multi-tool blades were suited to these products. From DeWalt multi-tool tile cutting blades to multi-tool diamond blades, our collection of DeWalt oscillating tool blades are the perfect contenders for all manner of projects. 


Bosch is the perfect brand for those who are conscious about their environmental impact, as they put sustainability at the heart of what they do. As a result, we had to incorporate blades that were suitable for Bosch tools into our collection. From hardwood multi-tool blades to oscillating multi-tool metal cutting blades, we’ve got the necessary equipment for Bosch cutting tools. 


Makita is a brand with a vision that global communities and societies should develop for themselves and future generations. They make this possible via the provision of tools, and Rennie Tool Company is helping by providing the right blades. From our Makita multi-tool tile cutting blade to our Makita multi-tool sanding attachment, there isn’t much that can’t be achieved when using our products. 


Here at Rennie Tool Company, we provide a wide array of oscillating blades of all shapes and sizes. These include carbide multi-tool blades, such as finger carbide and triangular carbide rasps, as well as bi-metal, coarse cut, carbide, titanium coated, wide scraper, wide tapered, teardrop, round, and half round blades. Whatever it is you need, be sure to browse our online store to find the right solution. 

Alternatively, contact us at esales@rennietool.co.uk for advice and guidance about which blade is most suitable for your project. Our expert team will be able to assess your conditions and make a well-informed choice on your behalf.