Turning Tools

Choosing the correct lathe-turning tools is important to ensure that you achieve the correct level of precision and finish to your project.

There are four main categories of lathe-turning tools - materials, operations, structure, and feed direction.

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Lathe Turning Tools

Rennie Tool Company has a complete range of brazed carbide-tipped turning tools in a range of grades. It also has a variety of High-Speed Steel HSS tools, but this page features the company’s full range of premium quality carbide turning tools. The carbide tips are hard and brittle, making them perfect for use with practically any type of wood or metal.

Carbide Turning Tools

The Rennie carbide turning tools collection is next broken down into operation functions. Starting with rough turning, the operator can start to whittle down the process using more and more refined tools.

Special shapes and designs can be achieved using a range of specialised tools. These include chamfering tools, thread-cutting tools, facing tools, grooving tools, and boring tools, among others.

Rennie’s turning tools are supplied with both right-hand and left-hand directions.

Simple Ordering Online with Rennie Tool Company

Ordering from Rennie Tool Company cannot be simpler. Simply identify the category of carbide turning tool that is required for your project, then select the grade from our drop-down menu.

The different grades of turning tools are as follows:

P20/30 turning tools - Our grade P20/30 carbide tipped turning tools are ideal for general-purpose machining, turning and boring of all different classes of steel. They are also suitable for heavy-duty turning at low, heavy speeds.

P40 turning tools - For heavier projects, which will probably involve interrupted turning, heavy feeds and low to medium turning speeds, select the P40 grade turning tool.

K20 turning tools - The K20 carbide-tipped turning tool is a general-purpose tool for use when machining cast iron and non-ferrous metals. This excellent workhorse of a tool is long-lasting and wear-resistant to give excellent results.

CW turning tools - CW grade turning tools are ideal for machining stainless steel, heat resistant and superalloys.

Browse our Lathe-Turning Tools

Browse the full range of UK-manufactured Rennie Tools carbide tipped lathe turning tools below. If you need further guidance and help from the experts, you can contact Rennie Tools on 0161 4779577 or email us at esales@rennietool.co.uk, and we will be happy to chat through your specific project needs.