Solid Carbide Endmills and Slot Drills for Aluminium

Rennie Tool Company is home to a wide selection of endmills, slot drills, and thread mills that come in various cutting diameters, flute lengths and shapes (Square end, ballnose etc). As a result, our tools are suited to all manner of projects, including those that involve aluminium. Endmills can be purchased from as little as £4.32, but, in spite of these affordable prices, we don’t compromise on quality. Instead, our products are made from durable and robust materials, allowing for repeat use without the risk of damage. Rennie Tool Company has everything anyone could need to work with aluminium; discover more below.

Endmills for Aluminium

It’s not surprising to learn that endmills are used for milling applications, such as reaming, drilling, slotting, contouring, plunging, face milling, tracer milling, and profile milling. Due to this versatility, the term endmill is an umbrella term for slot drills and endmills alike.

When working with aluminium, it’s important to select the right tool for the job, which is where the Rennie Tool Company selection comes in. Regardless of what cutting diameter, shape, or flute length is required, we’ve got the solution to suit. Therefore, when selecting an endmill on our store, you never have to settle for anything less than ideal. 

Slot Drills for Aluminium

Slot drills (sometimes called slot mills) are milling cutters that are commonly used in general machinery. Typically, they comprise two flutes, flat ends, and two opposing radial cutting edges. Additionally, slot drills usually have reinforced teeth that minimise the likelihood of chips, which contributes to their durable nature. We’ve previously touched on the versatility of these tools, which is demonstrated by how widely they can be applied. For instance, slot drills can be used in the engineering, carpentry, construction, metalworking, and woodworking industries. Meanwhile, slot drills are often capable of cutting in all directions, making them a worthy addition to your toolbox. 

Thread Mills for Aluminium

Like endmills, thread mills are named after their purpose, as they cut threads by milling. During the thread milling process, it’s important to ensure the diameter of the tool is smaller than the diameter of the thread. This is down to the fact that the thread has a helix angle while the tool is straight, meaning too big of a tool can create a deviation in the thread profile. Although thread milling can take some time, it produces the best quality thread, meaning if precision is required, thread milling is the way to go. 

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