TCT Carbide Tipped Router Bits

Router bits are imperative when it comes to forming shapes within a wide range of materials. This is achieved through the use of a routing tool that is suited to certain plastics, softwoods, hardwoods, and plywood.

The tool itself is driven by a motor with a rotating blade and a flat base. They are amongst the most versatile of power tools and can be attached to a router table or used as a handheld tool. In order to achieve your desired finish for any project, you’ll need to get your hands on some of our UK router bits. 

V Groove Router Bits

Our V groove router bits are available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of any DIY project. They are intricately machined to create a high-grade cutting edge, ensuring that accurate and clean cuts are administered onto the wood. As well as this, the shank is solid and hardened, optimising the durability and lifespan of the product. This makes our V groove router bits ideal for grooving in every woodworking project. 

Spoilboard Router Bits

Our spoilboard router bits have incredible cleaning properties due to their centre-meeting tungsten carbide tips that function in the same manner as straight bit cutters. This is particularly handy for instances in which large areas of a material are left exposed and need a thorough cleaning. Our spoilboard router bits are crafted from tungsten carbide blades, allowing for a durable edge and a sharper finish. They can be used on handheld, table mounted, and CNC routers alike. 

Cove Router Bits

Cove router bits are designed to create flutes in wood or MDF columns. This is due to their rounded shape that is perfect for such a task. Our products come in a range of diameters, meaning that you’re sure to find one that suits the needs of your project. Like our spoilboard router bits, our cove router bits are also designed using premium tungsten and can be used on handheld, table mounted, and handheld routers. 

Straight Router Bits

Quite simply, a straight router bit is used to create a groove in a material or hollow it out. We supply these bits in a variety of types and sizes, allowing you to specifically select what you’ll need to complete your DIY project.

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