1.1/2" Thick Ground Flat Stock

The Rennie Tool Company ground flat stock range is crafted from tool steel and can be purchased in various sizes. Due to the saw-cut ends, ground edges, and surface material of these items, they’re well suited to toolmaking applications. Similarly, the annealed condition of the metal means it can be moulded to suit a number of project requirements.

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Advantages and Features

There are multiple advantages of ground flat stock; however, the cutting edge is one of the most important. This is because the cutting edge is responsible for the metal’s strong wear resistance and durability. What’s more, our extensive range of sizes means it couldn’t be easier to find the size you’re after. From this, more efficient practice can be followed, and wastage can be reduced. Last but not least, the dimensional stability of the materials means they’re able to withstand harsh environments and temperatures.

Common Uses

Thick ground flat stock has multiple applications, including the following:

  • Bushings
  • Knife production
  • Mould-making applications
  • Precision measuring tools
  • Press tools
  • Stamping dies
  • Strip slitting cutters
  • Thread gauges
  • Trimmer dies
  • Wood-cutting tools

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition is as follows:

  • Carbon 0.95%
  • Manganese 1.2%
  • Chromium 0.50%
  • Tungsten 0.50%
  • Silicon 0.25%
  • Vanadium 0.20%
  • S & P up to 0.035% maximum


What is ground flat stock?

Ground flat stock is a precision ground flat bar that comes in fixed lengths. It’s commonly used in toolmaking applications because of its light tolerances and accuracy.

How flat is ground flat stock?

In spite of its name, there’s no real definitive figure to measure a flatness tolerance. Instead, the “flat” in ground flat stock refers to the fact that the material isn’t round.

How hard is ground flat stock?

Ground flat stock has a maximum hardness, and this is down to its annealed condition.

Why are tool steels hard?

Due to the low carbon content and moderate to high alloy content in tool steels, high carbide levels are created. This results in hardness, toughness, and fair wear resistance.

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