2mm Thick Ground Flat Stock

This collection of ground flat stock is crafted from tool steel and is available in various metric sizes. Typically, the metals are used in tool-making applications, with each piece comprising saw-cut ends and ground edges and surfaces. Thanks to the annealed condition of this material, it can be easily manipulated to adhere to the unique requirements of a project.

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Advantages and Features

The beauty of ground flat stock is that it boasts a suitable cutting edge for longevity, offers strong wear resistance, and provides durability. What’s more, these products allow for timesaving, as the need for grinding and milling is removed. Additionally, the multiple available sizes mean that the exact size required can be purchased, helping to avoid wastage. Last but not least, the high dimensional stability facilitates work in even the most challenging temperatures and environments.

Common Uses

Thick ground flat stock has multiple applications, including the following:

  • Mould-making applications
  • Wood-cutting tools
  • Stamping dies
  • Knife production
  • Strip slitting cutters
  • Cutting hobs
  • Collets
  • Tube expander rolls
  • Trimmer dies
  • Reamers
  • Cold taps
  • Cloth cutters
  • Cams
  • Precision measuring tools
  • Thread gauges
  • Plug gauges
  • Master cavity sinking hobs
  • Chuck jaws
  • Lathe centres
  • Bushings
  • Broaches
  • Press tools

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition is as follows:

  • Carbon 0.95%
  • Manganese 1.2%
  • Chromium 0.50%
  • Tungsten 0.50%
  • Silicon 0.25%
  • Vanadium 0.20%
  • S & P up to 0.035% maximum


What is ground flat stock?

Ground flat stock is a precision ground flat bar that comes in fixed lengths. It’s renowned for its accuracy and tight tolerances, which is why it’s often used for tool-making applications.

How hard is ground flat stock?

Due to the annealed condition of ground flat stock, it has a maximum hardness.

How flat is ground flat stock?

When it comes to flatness tolerance, there isn’t a real definitive flatness tolerance. In fact, the “flatness” that’s described simply means the material isn’t round.

Why are tool steels hard?

Tool steels are low carbon and moderate to high alloy, creating a substantial amount of carbide (NOT tungsten carbide). This results in fair wear resistance, toughness, and hardness.

Shop 2mm Thick Ground Flat Stock at Rennie Tool Company

If you need 2mm thick ground flat stock, Rennie Tool Company is here to help. We stock various lengths of ground flat stock, suitable for all manner of projects. Browse our collection to find the product you’re after, or contact us at esales@rennietool.co.uk for advice and guidance.