Formwork And Installation HSS Drill Bits

Formwork And Installation HSS Drill Bits

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These long and extra long shank HSS drill bits are ideal for drilling in multilayer building materials or sandwich materials. They are ideal for the building trade, for interior fitting work, plumbing, heating and electrical installation.
Manufactured to DIN 7490. 118 Degree point edge
Compatible with all drills with a 13mm chuck
Suitable for use on -
Formwork, wood, hard/solid wood, softwood, planks, boards, plasterboard, light building materials, synthetic material, profile sheet, insulating materials, metals such as metal plates, materials sandwiched with steel, aluminium, ferrous metals or profile sheet etc.
Shank Diameters -

Size Shank Diameter
6x400mm 6mm
8x400mm 6mm
10x400mm 8mm
12x400mm 8mm
14x400mm 8mm
16x400mm 10mm
18x400mm 10mm
20x400mm 10mm
6x600mm 6mm
8x600mm 6mm
10x600mm 8mm
12x600mm 8mm
14x600mm 8mm
16x600mm 10mm
18x600mm 10mm
20x600mm 10mm
22mmx400mm 11mm
22mmx600mm 11mm
24mmx400mm 11mm
24mmx600mm 11mm
25mmx400mm 11mm
26mmx400mm 11mm
26mmx600mm 11mm
28mmx400mm 11mm
28mmx600mm 11mm
30mmx400mm 11mm
30mmx60mm 11mm

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