Formwork And Installation HSS Drill Bits

Formwork And Installation HSS Drill Bits

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Our formwork and installation HSS drill bits allow you to take your drilling tasks to the next level, as they’re engineered with accuracy and durability in mind. These long and extra-long shank drill bits are crafted to excel in drilling through multilayer building materials or sandwich materials with ease. From the building to the electrical trade, our drill bits can assist with interior fitting work, including plumbing and heating installation. If you want to achieve professional results, these drill bits are your number one companion.

Key Features of Our Bit for Drilling 

Versatile usage – Our drill bits are engineered for a number of applications, including drilling into formwork, wood, hard/solid wood, softwood, planks, boards, plasterboard, light building materials, synthetic material, profile sheet, insulating materials, and metals, like steel, aluminium, or ferrous metals.

DIN 7490 standard – These drill bits are designed to meet DIN 7490 standards, resulting in consistent quality and performance. 

Sharp point edge – With their 118-degree point edge, these drill bits provide precise and efficient drilling, which reduces the required effort and boosts productivity.

Compatible design – Our drill bits are crafted to fit drills with a 13mm chuck, meaning they’re compatible with a wide array of drilling machines. As a result, they’re a versatile choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Applications of Our Drills Bits 

Building trade – Our drill bits excel in a number of construction tasks, which is why they’re ideal for building trade professionals. From drilling for formwork to the installation of fixtures and everything in between, our drill bits can make it happen. 

Interior fitting work – Cabinets, shelves, and other interior fittings are just some of the things that can be installed with our drill bits, as they provide the required precision for the job at hand.

Plumbing, heating, and electrical installation – Whether it’s drilling holes for piping or conduits to installing heating and electrical fixtures, our drill bits guarantee smooth and accurate drilling in diverse materials.

Specifications of Our HSS Drill Bits for Metal  

Material: High-Speed Steel (HSS) 

Shank Type: Long and Extra Long 

Point Angle: 118 Degrees 

Chuck Size Compatibility: 13mm 

Manufacturing Standard: DIN 7490 

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