HSS Titanium Coated and HSS Cobalt Step Drills

HSS stands for high-speed steel, meaning HSS drills are ideal for the fast drilling of particularly hard materials. Step drills are most commonly used on construction sites for the enlargement of holes in thin metals and other materials like particleboard, plaster, and plywood. Furthermore, step drills are occasionally used by electricians, as they’re ideal for drilling holes in the thin metal boxes that contain wiring. 

Occasionally, a step drill bit is referred to as a unibit. This describes a somewhat conical drill bit with a stairstep profile. Its design allows for the drilling of holes in a multitude of sizes, and the point at the tips of each bit enables self-starting. 

Discover more about the Rennie Tool Company range of step drills below. 

HSS Step Drills Titanium (TIN) Coated on a Hex Shank

The titanium-coated step drills are ideal for drilling hard plastics, nonferrous metals, and steel; however, a cooling agent should be applied wherever possible to avoid overheating. The titanium coating of these tools means that they have an extended lifespan, allowing you to work better for longer. 

These drill bits are available in sizes of 3-12mm, 4-12mm, 4-20mm, and 4-32mm. Similarly, you can purchase a three-piece set containing bits of 3-12mm, 4-12mm, and 4-20mm in a branded blue pouch for efficient protection and storage. Regardless of the option you choose, each is offered at an affordable price without the quality of the product being compromised. 

HSS Cobalt Step Drills on a Hex Shank (5% Cobalt)

The cobalt-coated step drills are ideal for drilling acid-resistant steels, stainless steel, and other particularly hard metals. This strength comes from the fact that the product is fully ground from solid material with M35 alloyed HSS steel and a 5% cobalt content. Additionally, cooling agents don’t need to be regularly applied with this product, as it boasts an especially high heat resistance. 

These drill bits are available in sizes of 4-12mm, 4-20mm, and 4-32mm. Each size can be purchased for a reasonable price, all while maintaining the quality you’d expect of any industrial tool. 

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