HSS Threading Taps from Rennie Tools

Rennie Tools introduces its quality range of HSS high-speed steel taps and dies to be used with a tap wrench or drill for the purpose of drilling and threading a hole.

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HSS Metric Taps

Rennie’s HSS Metric Tap Set is comprised of three pieces which can be used by hand or on a machine. The set includes a toper tap, a plug tap and a bottom tap.

Sizes start at M1 x 0.25 HSS taps up to M6 x 1 HSS tap set, which all have pointed noses. From M8 x 1.25 up to the largest M30 x 3.5, the HSS taps are all truncated (flat nose).

Six-piece drill tap set - HSS

The six-piece threading drill bit set is one of Rennie’s best-selling ranges and consists of six tap sizes - 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

The main function of these titanium-coated HSS threading taps is to machine-create the thread and should be used on the lathe for a more accurate finish. The HSS taps are all designed with spiral flutes for better chip clearing.

This HSS tap set also combines threading with drilling for a more efficient and accurate process.

Tap Wrench Holder for HSS Metric Tap Set

A tap wrench holder is used when additional torque is required during the tapping process. Rennie’s tap wrench holders comes in six sizes for use with its HSS hand tap set.

Manufactured to DIN1814, Rennie’s double-ended wrench is suitable for any tap with  a shank size from 2mm upto 27mm

HSS BA 3-Piece Tap Sets

Rennie’s HSS BA 3-piece tap set produces results according to ISO529 short machine taps and hand tap dimensions. The three pieces consist of a taper tap, a plug tap, and a bottom tap, as well as the storage box, and are available in 13 different sizes.

Simple Online Ordering

Ordering your HSS tap set is a simple process through Rennie’s online purchasing option. Simply browse the product options below, choose the size and quantity required, place it in your basket, and pay at the checkout. For urgent deliveries, you can choose guaranteed next-day delivery. Otherwise, deliveries are usually dispatched on the next working day.

Alternatively, pick up the phone and call us on 0161 4779577, and we’ll be happy to help you with your enquiry.