Solid Carbide Router Bits

When it comes to using a routing tool to fashion shapes within a multitude of materials, not a lot can be achieved without router bits. Solid carbide router bits are best applied on plywood, hardwoods, softwoods, MDF, plastics, Acrylics etc

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Router tools boast versatility with the possibility of being attached to a router table or handheld. Essentially, they are comprised of a rotating blade driven by a motor and a flat base. Whichever material is being dealt with, router bits are essential to achieving the desired appearance.

Down Cut Router Bits

The purpose of a down cut router bit is to create a crisp edge around the hole it’s cutting so you get a good finish at the top of the cut. Despite this, it isn’t particularly effective in removing chips from holes (this is where up cut router bits come in). As a result, down cut bits are typically applied in the creation of shallow cuts, as opposed to deep grooves.

Down cut bits require a slower feed rate, meaning more time is allowed for the removal of chips. This also results in them being cut into smaller pieces that fall from the slot. Because of this, though, the user needs to be mindful of the bit overheating, which can lead to breakage. This is down to the build-up of chips being combined with a deep cut.

Up Cut Router Bits

As previously mentioned, up cut router bits are often applied in the removal of chips from the hole being cut. With up cut bits, deep grooves are created via continual light cuts. This is because the upward direction of the flutes prevents debris from collecting, which can result in the binding or breaking of the bit. While the chips are being removed, the bit can also fray the wood fibres at the top of the cut, which leads to damage. All users should bear this in mind. Solid carbide 2 flute up cut router bits will give a good clean finish at the bottom of a cut.

Straight Router Bits

Straight router bits are fairly self-explanatory. They are used to cut straight into a material to create a groove or hollow out a section.

Up/Down Compression Router Bits

Up/down compression router bits create crisp edges on a board’s side when top and bottom edges alike require a clean cut. This is achieved via a spiral action that pulls both sides into the centre of the bit, ejecting out of the side.

These router bits are in constant contact with the workpiece in question, which facilitates a consistent shearing action. This results in cleaner and smoother cuts when compared to a straight router bit.

Engraving/Carving Router Bits

As with straight router bits, engraving/carving router bits are self-explanatory. They are used for engraving and craving purposes, meaning they don’t fashion deep cuts.

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