Solid Carbide Lock Case 3 Flute Spiral Up Cut Router Cutters Long Reach

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3 Flute Long Reach Spiral Upcut Roughing Router Cutters 

For machining lock cases and faceplates in doors, windows and shutters and for slot mortising

Micrograin carbide for increased wear resistance

Latest technology geometry to reduce vibration

Lower chip pressure due chipbreaker flutes

This tool is designed for optimal chip flow when cutting deep holes

Cutting Diameter (D) Flute Length (A) Neck Relief (I) Overall Length (L)  Shank Diameter (S)
10mm 15mm 55mm 100mm 10mm
12mm 15mm 50mm 100mm 12mm
12mm 26mm 80mm 130mm 12mm
14mm 45mm 95mm 150mm 14mm
14mm 15mm 105mm 175mm 14mm
16mm 25mm 95mm 150mm 16mm
16mm 45mm 95mm 150mm 16mm
16mm 16mm 105mm 170mm 16mm
16mm 25mm 110mm 175mm 16mm
18mm 25mm 110mm 175mm 18mm
20mm 16mm 90mm 150mm 20mm
20mm 32mm 95mm 150mm 20mm