44mm Bi-Metal Oscillating Blades - Wood, Laminate, Nails, Drywall

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44mm wide Bi-Metal Quick Release Blade. With this long lasting Titanium blade you can cut down almost anything, from nail embedded wood framing to steel screws and bolts. The 44 mm width of this blade is ideal for maintaining critical cutting contact as you oscillate through fiberglass, PVC, copper pipes, metal mesh and thin sheet metal, wood, screws, nails, plastic, drywall (sheetrock), acrylics (Plexiglas), laminates

Use this blade as a demolition or a control precision cutter for either Flush or Plunge cutting situations. The Titanium coating is applied in extreme high heat for long lasting protection of your cutting teeth. 

These blades can be used on the following MultiTools 

  •     AEG
  •     Aldi Workzone
  •     Bosch (not Starlock)
  •     Argos Challenge Extreme
  •     B&Q Mac Allister (MMT108-LI)
  •     Batavia
  •     Black & Decker
  •     CEL - with CEL Adaptor
  •     Clarke
  •     Dewalt
  •     Duratool (D01962)
  •     Einhell
  •     Erbauer ERB474HTL (Screwfix)
  •     Fein (not Starlock)
  •     Ferm
  •     Lidl Parkside (PMFW280-A2)
  •     Mac Allister - with Mac Allister adaptor
  •     Makita
  •     Milwaukee
  •     Renovator + Saxton Adaptor
  •     Ryobi-1plus - with Ryobi adaptor (Stored in battery compartment of Multitool)
  •     Stanley
  •     Silverline
  •     Skil Multitasker
  •     Stanley Fatmax
  •     Terratek
  •     Tesco
  •     Tooltec
  •     Worx Sonicrafter Hyperlock - (quick release style)
  •     Wolf 

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