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With our solid carbide jobber drill bit, it’s easier than ever to unlock precision and durability in your drilling projects. This is because our products are designed to deliver outstanding performance across a number of materials. Whether you’re looking for carbide drill bits for hardened steel, cast iron, titanium, nickel alloy, aluminium, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. After all, our drill bits are engineered to handle the most demanding applications, as shown by the features and benefits that are explored in further detail below.

Features of Our Solid Carbide Drill Bits 

The Material Compatibility of Our Carbide Drill Bits for Metal 

As previously mentioned, steel, cast steel, cast iron, titanium, nickel alloy, and aluminium are just some of the materials that our drill bit can handle. Therefore, it’s the ideal choice for both professionals and hobbyists. 

The 118-Degree Point of Our Carbide Drill Bit Sets  

Accurate starting and easy penetration are guaranteed with our drill bit, thanks to the sharp 118-degree point angle. As a result, this reduces work hardening and extends the life of the bit.

Precision Manufacturing 

Our drill bit conforms to the DIN 338 standard with a h7 tolerance, meaning it meets stringent quality and performance benchmarks. From this, you can rest assured that consistent results will be produced every time.

Micrograin Carbide Construction 

This drill bit has superior strength and durability, as it’s crafted from robust micrograin carbide. As a result, our drill bit can be used again and again while still maintaining its sharpness.

Size Range 

From 1.0mm to 13.0mm, our drill bits are available in a number of sizes, meaning you can carry out precise drilling that’s perfectly suited to your requirements.

Benefits of Our Carbide Drill Tips 

Long-Lasting Sharpness 

Not only does micrograin carbide material maintain its sharpness, but it’s also able to withstand high temperatures and friction, facilitating extended drilling sessions without compromising performance. 

Enhanced Precision 

The strict tolerances and precision ground point result in perfect accuracy, meaning that every hole is perfectly sized and positioned.

Wide Material Application 

Say goodbye to switching between different drill bits for different materials, as our drill bit can seamlessly transition between an array of metal types, allowing for time-saving and less clutter.

Consistent Performance 

The exacting standards to which our drill bits are crafted result in consistent performance that professionals can rely on.

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