Box Of 10 x Cobalt Jobber Drills For Hard Metals & Stainless Steel Sizes 6.6mm - 13mm

Box Of 10 Cobalt Jobber Drills Sizes 6.6mm - 13mm For Hard Metals, Stainless Steel

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Premium Quality HSS Cobalt Jobber Drills
  • For particularly tough or hard metal drilling applications such as stainless steel, Cr-Ni and special acid resistant steels
  • Fully ground from solid material
  • M35 alloyed HSS steel with 5% Cobalt content
  • High heat resistance
  • Manufactured to DIN338
  • Dimensionally precise
  • 135° split point from 3mm and above eradicates the need to pre-drill or centre punch. Prevents walking and enables faster penetration
  • Sizes available from 1.0mm - 13.0mm
Drill Diameter Flute Length Overall Length
6.6mm 63mm 101mm
6.7mm 63mm 101mm
6.8mm 69mm 109mm
6.9mm 69mm 109mm
7mm 69mm 109mm
7.1mm 69mm 109mm
7.2mm 69mm 109mm
7.3mm 69mm 109mm
7.4mm 69mm 109mm
7.5mm 69mm 109mm
7.6mm 75mm 117mm
7.7mm 75mm 117mm
7.8mm 75mm 117mm
7.9mm 75mm 117mm
8mm 75mm 117mm
8.1mm 75mm 117mm
8.2mm 75mm 117mm
8.3mm 75mm 117mm
8.4mm 75mm 117mm
8.5mm 75mm 117mm
8.6mm 81mm 125mm
8.7mm 81mm 125mm
8.8mm 81mm 125mm
8.9mm 81mm 125mm
9mm 81mm 125mm
9.1mm 81mm 125mm
9.2mm 81mm 125mm
9.3mm 81mm 125mm
9.4mm 81mm 125mm
9.5mm 81mm 125mm
9.6mm 87mm 133mm
9.7mm 87mm 133mm
9.8mm 87mm 133mm
9.9mm 87mm 133mm
10mm 87mm 133mm
10.1mm 87mm 133mm
10.2mm 87mm 133mm
10.3mm 87mm 133mm
10.4mm 87mm 133mm
10.5mm 87mm 133mm
10.6mm 87mm 133mm
10.7mm 94mm 142mm
10.8mm 94mm 142mm
10.9mm 94mm 142mm
11mm 94mm 142mm
11.1mm 94mm 142mm
11.2mm 94mm 142mm
11.3mm 94mm 142mm
11.4mm 94mm 142mm
11.5mm 94mm 142mm
11.6mm 94mm 142mm
11.7mm 94mm 142mm
11.8mm 94mm 142mm
11.9mm 101mm 151mm
12mm 101mm 151mm
12.1mm 101mm 151mm
12.2mm 101mm 151mm
12.3mm 101mm 151mm
12.4mm 101mm 151mm
12.5mm 101mm 151mm
12.6mm 101mm 151mm
12.7mm 101mm 151mm
12.8mm 101mm 151mm
12.9mm 101mm 151mm
13mm 101mm 151mm

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