Solid Carbide 2 Flute Down Cut Spiral Router Bits

Solid Carbide 2 Flute Down Cut Spiral Router Bits

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Spiral bits combine a shearing action in cutting with an augering action in chip clearance. The shearing action yields an especially clean & accurate cut, while the augering action clears chips from the cut. The “down-cut” cuts from the surface down, leaving a smooth edge at the surface.

  • Unique carbide grade for longer lifetime in abrasive materials
  • Produces a superior finish and longer tool life
  • Razor-sharp cutting edges
  • Can be used with hand-held, table-mounted
    portable routers and CNC machines
  • Industrial quality
These router bits are great for production settings and excellent for creating grooves and dado cuts in plywood and composite materials. Primarily used on CNC machines and other automatic routers.

Solid Carbide 2 Flute Down Cut Speeds, Feed And Chip Load Chart

Dimensions -
Cutting Diameter Flute Length Overall Length Shank Diameter 
1/16" (1.58mm) 6mm 40mm 3.175mm (1/8")
1/16" (1.58mm) 8mm 40mm 3.175mm (1/8")
1/16" (1.58mm) 12mm 40mm 3.175mm (1/8")
3.175mm (1/8") 15mm 38mm
3.175mm (1/8")
3.175mm (1/8") 22mm 50mm 3.175mm (1/8")
1/4" 15mm 50mm 1/4"
1/4" 22mm 50mm 1/4"
1/4" 32mm 60mm 1/4"
1/4" 42mm 80mm 1/4"
1/4" 52mm 90mm 1/4"
3/8" (9.52mm) 30mm 75mm 3/8" (9.52mm)
1/2" 22mm 50mm 1/2"
1/2" 32mm 60mm 1/2"
1mm 3mm 38mm 3.175mm (1/8")
1.5mm 6mm 38mm 3.175mm (1/8")
2mm 8mm 38mm 3.175mm (1/8")
2mm 12mm 38mm 3.175mm (1/8")
2mm 17mm 38mm 3.175mm (1/8")
2.5mm 8mm 38mm 3.175mm (1/8")
2.5mm 12mm 38mm 3.175mm (1/8")
2.5mm 17mm 38mm 3.175mm (1/8")
3mm 12mm 50mm 3mm
3mm (1/8" Shank) 8mm 38mm 3.175mm (1/8")
3mm (8mm Shank) 22mm 60mm 8mm
4mm 12mm 50mm 4mm
4mm 17mm 50mm 4mm
4mm 22mm 48mm 4mm
4mm (8mm Shank) 22mm 60mm 8mm
4mm 28mm 55mm 4mm
4mm 32mm 60mm 4mm
5mm 22mm 50mm 5mm
5mm (6mm Shank) 22mm 60mm 6mm
5mm (8mm Shank) 22mm 60mm 8mm
6mm 17mm 50mm 6mm
6mm 22mm 50mm 6mm
6mm (8mm Shank) 22mm 60mm 8mm
6mm 28mm 60mm 6mm
6mm 42mm 80mm 6mm
6mm 52mm 90mm 6mm
6mm 62mm 100mm 6mm
6mm 32mm 60mm 6mm
8mm 22mm 50mm 8mm
8mm 32mm 70mm 8mm
8mm 42mm 90mm 8mm
8mm 52mm 90mm 8mm
8mm 62mm 100mm 8mm
9mm 32mm 90mm 9mm
9mm (10mm Shank) 32mm 70mm 10mm
10mm 22mm 50mm 10mm
10mm 32mm 70mm 10mm
10mm (Extra Long Shank) 32mm 90mm 10mm
10mm (8mm Shank) 32mm 70mm 8mm
10mm 42mm 80mm 10mm
10mm 52mm 90mm 10mm
10mm 62mm 100mm 10mm
12mm 22mm 50mm 12mm
12mm 28mm 60mm 12mm
12mm 32mm 70mm 12mm 
12mm (Extra Long Shank)  32mm 90mm 12mm
12mm (8mm Shank) 32mm 70mm 8mm
12mm 42mm 80mm 12mm
12mm 52mm 90mm 12mm
12mm 62mm 100mm 12mm
12mm (Extra Long Shank) 62mm 120mm 12mm
16mm 50mm 120mm 16mm

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