Which Multi-Tool for the Job?

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A Multi-tool for cutting is something that every woodworker, manufacturer, and construction worker needs; however, deciding which is best for the job at hand isn’t straightforward. It’s clear that the best tool to cut wood won’t be the same as the most suitable multi-tool for cutting tiles, but which tool is the best multi-tool for the job?

Quite simply, any tradesperson, or even DIY enthusiast, would always deem an oscillating multi-tool one of the most useful components of their toolkit. This is predominantly down to its multi-functionality and versatility that is so seldom found in a power tool. As a result, a solid multi-tool is something that people find themselves reaching for in order to complete a multitude of maintenance tasks. From DIY novices to expert tradespeople, a multi-tool is something that anyone and everyone can get ample use out of.

Despite this, one must then ask themselves which multi-tool is right for the job? Detailed below is a list of multi-tool product types and how these can best be applied.

Why Buy a Multi-Cut Tool?

First and foremost, you might be asking yourself why you should buy an oscillating multi-tool in the first place. Well, every tradesperson knows that for every job, there’s a perfect tool to do it; however, the likelihood of getting your hands on every single tool on the market is incredibly slim. Therefore, a multi-tool is the perfect substitute, as it’s kind of an all-rounder; just consider it the Swiss Army Knife of the power tool world. Many tradespeople take the approach of, if in doubt, reach for the multi-tool.

The concept of a multi-tool is relatively simple; it’s a tool that’s equipped with an adjustable-speed oscillating head, which facilitates scraping, sanding, grinding, and cutting. This process involves the head of the tool moving from side to side, which enables the grinding, cutting, and sanding action, as well as a variety of others, depending on your chosen multi-tool cutting blades. In addition to its versatility, a multi-tool is ideal for accessing difficult spaces that a standard power tool wouldn’t be able to do. Despite this, a multi-tool won’t be as powerful as large singular saws or sanders, but it certainly beats these tools on their flexibility.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Multi-Purpose Tool

As far as basic function is concerned, all multi-tools are the same, as they all work to provide you with an all-purpose solution that provides the flexibility of sanding, scraping, grinding and cutting. With this being said, the sheer similarity between all multi-tools makes it all the more difficult to select the best option. Detailed below are some of the factors of consideration that you must take into account when contemplating which multi-tool to buy.

Multifunctional Tool Speed vs Control

When browsing multi-tools, there are two stats that need to be taken into consideration, one of which is the oscillation rate. The oscillation rate is measured in oscillations per minute (OPM), and more powerful tools will display a higher figure. Due to the adaptability of a multi-tool, it typically has a from and to value, meaning that those with the greatest range will be the most versatile.

After, the oscillation rate, you must consider the oscillation angle, which typically sits between 2.5 and 3.2 degrees. This angle refers to how far the multi-cutter blades move from side to side per oscillation. A higher oscillation angle results in a more aggressive tool, meaning that an angle of 2.5 degrees will be more precise than an angle of 3 degrees. Despite this, the 3 degree angle will deliver greater accuracy, so you must weigh up your priorities and decide which is most important to you.

Standard Multi-Tool Features

In addition to sawing, sanding, scraping, and cutting, multi-tools also have various standard features. These include LED lighting, variable speed settings up to 32,000 OPM, and long-lasting battery life. Furthermore, multi-tools are often crafted to be user-friendly, resulting in safe and comfortable use.

Multi-Tool Attachments

As previously mentioned, not only is having a specialist tool for every job a hassle, but it’s also virtually impossible. Therefore, the most sensible option is to purchase a multi-tool with all the necessary multi-tool blades for every job.

Although a multi-tool alongside the best multi-tool blades will inevitably save you a lot of time and space, something that concerns tradespeople is the cost of the entire set. This needn’t be a worry with Rennie Tool Company, as our multi-cutter saw blades are incredibly affordable.

Multi-Tool Plastic Cutting Blade

We stock 10 different blades that are suitable for the cutting of plastic, ranging from £2.39 to £5.39. Each of these blades can be used in conjunction with DeWalt, Makita, and Bosch products. Simply search for the term “plastic fits” in the description to determine whether the blade can be safely used on plastic.

Multi-Tool Blade for Brick

When it comes to masonry multi-tool blades, we’ve also got you covered here. We have five multi-tool masonry blades, varying in price from £4.79 to £10.79. As with our blades for plastic, these multi-tool blades for cutting bricks are suitable for use in DeWalt, Makita, and Bosch tools. To find our multi-tool masonry blades, pay attention to our descriptions including “grout, mortar, concrete, and masonry fits”.

Multi-Tool Tile Cutter

As far as multi-tool tile blades are concerned, you should refer to the above-mentioned blades. These attachments can be used as tile-cutting multi-tools as they’re sturdy enough to handle hard surfaces.

Multi-Tool Blades for Wood

When it comes to softwood and hardwood multi-tool blades, you can find up to 15 of these on the Rennie Tool Company online store. These multi-tool wood blades range from £2.39 to £5.99 and can be used alongside DeWalt, Makita, and Bosch products. As you can imagine, blades that can be used safely with wood will contain “wood” in the description.

Multi-Tool Sander Attachment

Last but not least, multi-tools aren’t solely used for cutting, but sanding, too. We supply two sanding sets, each of which is compatible with DeWalt, Makita, and Bosch tools. The 61-piece finger sanding set costs £8.39, while the 61-piece delta sanding set costs £9.59.

Shop Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades at Rennie Tool Company

You can browse our full collection of oscillating multi-tool blades here. Otherwise, if you have any questions or queries about which multi-tool is best suited for the job, you can email us at esales@rennietool.co.uk, or give us a call on 0161 477 9577.


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