What is a TCT Saw Blade, and Why do I Need One?

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If you have a mitre saw or a circular saw, you’ll be aware of the wide range of saw blades that can be fitted to it, but you may not realise just how important it is to swap out your blades depending on the application for optimal cutting. Sure enough, you can typically make a cut using most mitre saw blades, but if you’re after a clean finish, you’ll need to swap the blade depending on the material. 

In this case, you may need to invest in blades with TCT tips. If you’re unsure what a TCT blade is or why you should consider buying one, keep reading to find out everything you need to know. 

What is a TCT blade? 

TCT stands for tungsten carbide tips, and it’s the carbide blade tips of TCT saw blades that make them perfectly adept for cutting through all types of wood, laminates and plastics. The tungsten carbide coating allows the teeth to easily and quickly cut through wood, all the while preserving the lifespan of the blade and ensuring the blade doesn’t wear down too quickly. This is because tungsten carbide is a chemical compound that is two times stiffer compared to steel. 

If you’re going to be cutting wood, it’s important you use the right blade. If not, the cut will be unclean, and the blade will wear down quickly, meaning you’ll end up going through multiple saw blades and creating sub-par cuts. 

Advantages of using a TCT cutting blade 

There are multiple advantages to using a TCT saw blade that make them worth the investment, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional. 

Viable applications 

The first benefit of having TCT DeWalt or Makita saw blades is that they can be used across multiple industries for heavy-duty applications. Some of the applications of TCT blades include:

  • Cutting all types of wood, including plywood, MDF, birch ply, melamine faced chipboard, oak, all types of soft wood and hard wood
  • Cutting plastics
  • Cutting laminates

TCT blades are very efficient at cutting wood and plastic, making them one of the most versatile types of saw blades. For this reason alone, it’s worth investing in one. 

Extended lifespan 

TCT blades are widely regarded as cold saws. This means they can stay sharper for longer because of the carbide tips, but also because you can directly control the feed rate and the cutting speed. With this in mind, you can prolong the lifespan of the blade and reduce the need for more frequent replacements. In fact, the tungsten carbide coating is thought to produce a lifespan that is four times longer than an average saw blade.

Refined finish 

When you use the correct blade for your circular saw, you can ensure a cleaner finish. In regard to TCT blades, they provide:

  • No dust production
  • Reduced production of sparks
  • Less production of burrs
  • Reduction in discolouration

The above allows you to make more refined cuts without the associated mess or hassle. The lack of sparks, burrs, and dust also means that working with a TCT saw blade is often safer than with other types of blades that kick up dust or sparks. That being said, you should still wear safety goggles and follow circular or mitre saw best practices to avoid the risk of injury. 

TCT saw blade sizes 

Size is an important factor when choosing an appropriate saw blade. TCT blades are available in a wide range of sizes. As a general rule of thumb, the fewer teeth on the blade, the rougher the finish will be, although it may be faster to make the cut. 

At Rennie Tool, we supply a broad range of TCT saw blade sizes compatible with standard circular and handheld saws made by DeWalt, Makita, Festool, and Bosch, amongst others. 

If you’re operating a handheld wood saw, a 165mm circular blade is ideal. We provide this blade with three teeth options depending on your needs: 24, 48, and 60. This blade also comes complete with a 16mm reduction ring and a 20mm borehole. 

In contrast, the 185mm blade comes with four teeth options: 24, 40, 60, and 80. It also comes with three reduction rings spanning 16mm, 20mm, and 25mm. 

For larger applications, our TCT saw blade offering extends to 305mm, with this option coming with 40 or 80 teeth, a 3mm blade thickness, a 30mm borehole, and reduction rings spanning 16mm, 20mm, and 25mm. 

The wide range of sizes means you can find the best blade for your needs, again owing to the versatility of this type of blade.

Buy a TCT saw blade today

If you’re looking at buying your first TCT saw blade and want advice on what will be best for your project, please call us on 0161 477 9577, or send an email to esales@rennietool.co.uk. Alternatively, if you already know what you need, place an order online today for a blade or replacement TCT saw blade. 

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