Taper Ballnose Endmill / Router Bit Angles

Posted by John Rennie on

Due to many customers asking for angles for taper ball nose end mills we have now updated the details on the product description to include this information.
Taper ballnose endmill angles -









0.25mm 20.5mm 9.8 Degrees 50mm 4mm
0.25mm 30mm 10.5 Degrees 75mm 6mm
0.25mm 40mm 7.9 Degrees 100mm 6mm
0.5mm 20.5mm 8.5 Degrees 50mm 4mm
0.5mm 30mm 9.7 Degrees 75mm 6mm
0.5mm 40mm 7.3 Degrees 100mm 6mm
0.5mm 75mm 5.3 Degrees 120mm 8mm
0.75mm 20.5mm 7.2 Degrees 50mm 4mm
0.75mm 30mm 8.8 Degrees 75mm 6mm
0.75mm 40mm 6.5 Degrees 100mm 6mm
1mm 20.5mm 5.8 Degrees 50mm 4mm
1mm 30mm 7.85 Degrees 75mm 6mm
1mm 40mm 5.8 Degrees 100mm 6mm
1mm 75mm 4.6 Degrees 120mm 8mm
1.5mm 20.5mm 3 Degrees 50mm 4mm
1.5mm 30mm 6 Degrees 75mm 6mm
1.5mm 40mm 4.4 Degrees 100mm 6mm
1.5mm 75mm 3.8 Degrees 120mm 8mm
2mm 30mm 4 Degrees 100mm 6mm
2mm 40mm 3 Degrees 100mm 6mm
2mm 75mm 3.1 Degrees 120mm 8mm

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