210mm x 25.4mm Bore x 40T TCT Circular Wood Saw Blade

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  • 210mm saw blade 25.4mm bore (1" Bore) - This circular saw blade has 40 teeth and have a 25.4mm bore so will fit any saw that has a 25.4mm bore.
  • Compatible with all evolution 210mm saws. Alternating top bevel tooth design which helps provide a smoother cut and reduces the chance of splintering
  • This 210mm wood saw blade has a 2.5mm cutting kerf and the body thickness is 1.6mm.
  • These circular saw blades give a good finish in wood, MDF, particle board, hardwood, softwood, plywood, OSB wood, laminate and plastics.
  • These 40 tooth 210mm circular saw blades are great for fast, roughing cuts in wood. Our trade quality wood saw blades are ideal for professionals, home improvement enthusiasts, DIY'ers etc

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