I was having a look through an old folder this morning and came across quite a few old advertisments from World War 2. The advert pictured is from the Brighton Herald in 1942. One of my favourite statements on the advertisement is 'Put a shot in his locker with Rennie composite tools'. 

The advert may be 75 years old but here at Rennie Tools we still manufacture brazed carbide tools and HSS buttwelded tools. No company in the world has as much experience in the manufacture off these types of tools than us here at Rennies. Manufacturing lathe tools since the 1920's tooling requiremtns have changed over the years but our quality has not.

We are now on the fourth generation of Rennie - Johnny Rennie Junior - working at Rennie Tools. With much knowledge passed down through the generations from when John Rennie Senior started the company in the 1920's. 

For any enquiries for any tooling requirements please get in touch.